This iconic piece prevails as the star amongst the collections and is an absolute must have. In a play of black and white contrast, black and white diamonds are delicately set on the dial and bezel.

Alter Ego

Fleur de Lys

Symbol of feminity, purity, and passion, the brand's trademark

"Fleur de Lys" featuring five petals, is delicately drawn in faceted pink sapphires on a full diamond dial and bezel.

Exquisite jewel of time, this model has a multicolored dial delicately set with diamonds, sapphires, peridots, tsavorites and amethysts revealing Da Vindice's irridescent rainbow. Every hour is represented by a different color made of precious stones. The index, crown, and cases are encrusted with diamonds.


The Lys

Classic and sophisticated like the delicate Lys flower, this precious 38mm automatic time keeper is adorned with Roman numerals and has a date aperture at 3 o'clock. The case, reminiscent of the men's line, reveals carved grills on the sides -  a signature design of the Da Vindice Brand. A buckle engraved with the Da Vindice fleur de lys dresses up the satin or crocodile bracelets. This model is available in two versions.